Setbacks, comebacks, and the zigzags in between


How do you deal with difficult transitions in your life?

If you’re like me (and many people, I’d wager), you may bury your head in the sand for a while, burrow under the covers, and indulge in some overeating, Netflixing, and a whole lot of navelgazing.

Maybe you charge up to new challenges with gusto, put the past in the past, and plow ahead into the great unknown.

Or maybe you’re a mix of the two; taking some time to reflect on the past but expectantly waiting for better things to appear in the future.

Regardless of your method of coping with change, I’ve finally learned to treat myself with care. I take the time I need to grieve and process. I know all those thoughts and feelings really are okay (full disclosure: sometimes I talk to a therapist – it’s nice to get a neutral third party involved at times!) I observe and notice my triggers. I find a few positive things to focus on, even if it’s something as simple as my really comfortable bed, a delicious cup of coffee, or basking in the sun for a few minutes. Yep, I know what you’re thinking: “That’s really trite, Laura, thanks for the advice!” but over time I really have found that focusing on something simple and allowing your emotions to amplify on the object of your attention can gain some powerful results.

What simple things life your mood?

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