Media Fast Update: can’t do without.

We can't do without.

We can’t do without.

Our weeklong media fast?

Lasted 5 days.

We were successful at avoiding the TV for 5 of 7 days but I was not so successful at sticking to my email and social media schedule. The goal was to only check 3-4 times per day at set times. It’s so easy to log onto any social portal while you’re on hold on the phone, waiting for another task to complete itself… basically, kicking the social media loop is an incredibly difficult habit to break. Vigilance is a must!

Last week my toddler was sick (read: out of daycare all week) and that experience proved to me that I can’t do without some form of mindless TV entertainment. There’s nothing like cuddling up to your favorite movie or binge-watching a show when you’re sick on the couch. Plus, there are only so many crafts, games, books and activities that can fill a toddler’s 12 hour day, particularly when you can’t leave the house. Trust me.

My goal is to cancel cable after Dr. Who goes to break in two weeks (yeah, I know) and keep Netflix so there is some kind of entertainment option when needed. I’ve discovered I’m just as happy reading recaps on as I am watching my favorite shows. Is that weird?

My takeaway?

I still want to cancel cable because television really is the Bermuda Triangle of productivity. The only way to break habits is to break them. Hard.

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