Media Fast: Commence!

Go to sleep!

Go to sleep.

Last night my 22-month-old son refused bedtime. After two hours of sleepytime rituals – and lots of hyperventilating – he finally dozed off. It wasn’t always this way; up until a month ago he was a sound little sleeper who went down for the night with very little fuss.

In our sleuthing, we surmised that he has a media addiction. Or at least that’s one of the theories we ran through when he would walk up to the tv and say “please.” And then it smacked me in the face.

We have a media addiction.

So as a start, today I am making a simple, week-long pledge:

1. No television

2. Check email and social media three times a day: morning, noon, quitting time.

3. No cellphone use before bedtime or during the night.

I’m seeking fasting partners in case anyone wants to join in!

P.S. My knee-jerk reaction was to finally cut the cable and physically move the TV out of the living room. I decided a week-long experiment to self-limit was a better option. Check in with you next week!


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  1. I am addicted to media. Last month I actually went over my data plan – something I have not ever done before in the 5 years I’ve had a smart phone. I constantly find myself scrolling through Facebook, searching through Instagram, and I just started blogging. Luckily I gave up on Pinterest and haven’t entered the worlds of LinkedIn or Twitter and tv hasn’t ever been a vice for me thanks to my short attention span. When I go to media, specifically social media, I tell myself that I’m keeping up with friends which makes me happy, but oddly enough after being on social media I often find myself dissatisfied, lonely, or flat out questioning myself and my life choices. So, I like your media fast. I think we could all use a media fast now and then. Iā€™m due for one, but not feeling the willpower to commit right now. Maybe after Halloween.

  2. I set timers for myself on social media: 10 minutes on twitter, 10 minutes on FB/other media and I’m out. Otherwise the vortex sucks you in. After 10 minutes you’ve likely gleaned all the highlights anyway. šŸ˜‰

    The first day of my fast has had mixed results: no tv, but I wasn’t disciplined about my email or Facebook and in a moment of weakness I checked my favorite gossip site (a big no-no!) Tonight I’m leaving my phone out of reach so there’s no temptation to scroll when I wake up during the night.

    I’ll keep you posted!

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