When was your last ‘turn left’ moment?

Sometimes the seemingly inconsequential can have lasting impact on our lives.

  • Should I have a blueberry bagel for breakfast for the 10th day in a row?
  • I’m too busy to send grandma a birthday gift right now – I’ll do it later.
  • I’m really tired tonight but what the hell – I’m going to floss because it only takes 20 damn seconds.
Left or right?

Left or right?

Every day we make countless decisions — thoughtless or deeply considered — that can result in numerous outcomes. Take the freeway or the back roads? Meet friends for lunch or stay in and work? Apply for that dream job or sit back or weight the pros and cons some more?

I’m not suggesting that you weigh every single decision in your life but for better or worse, when was your last “Turn Left” moment? A decision where the answer deeply impacted your life?

Day to day, life can seem pretty boring. Most people are creatures of habit and the thoughts we have today probably closely resemble the thoughts we had yesterday. Sometimes we force ourselves into turn left moments to shake things up, sometimes they are forced upon us but either way, it’s a challenging mental exercise that can probably help you get your bearings if you’re feeling lost, bogged down or in a rut.



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