Noise, noise, noise

What problem can I solve for you today?

How can a product solve your problem today?

Over the past few weeks, my head and heart have tipped over and I retreated to a (mental) cave in the mountainside to escape.


Excessive advertising and promotion shouting from every corner of the universe: Facebook, Twitter, popup ads on my favorite gossip websites, the radio, the television, hell, even the children’s channel on Pandora is running political ads (totally appropriate for a toddler, no?) Be careful when you answer the phone because as soon as you utter a word, the telemarketer on the other end will have a method to work you.

You even have to be wary of product reviews; it’s harder than ever to spot the fakers and every company under the sun is trying to bribe you. With rumors that the new Facebook Messenger app can listen in on your personal life at any time, I feel like the world portrayed in Minority Report may not be too far into the future.

Up until recently I was one of those people too, marketing the bejeesus out of a product, so many apologies: sorry, siento, désolé.

In a time where everyone is clamoring for your attention and your dollars, how do you make informed decisions about where to spend your money? Who do you trust?

People have been bartering, trading, and exchanging currency for services since the beginning of time. That won’t change. I just wonder how much more invasive advertising can be.

What’s the funniest, most awkward or strange way you’ve had a product marketed to you? Tell, tell!


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