An ode to pen and paper

Get back to basics!

Okay, maybe this is less an ode and more of a confession.

In my quest to become more productive, I’d delved into lots of systems in the last year: daily/weekly checklists, online time tracking tools, phone apps, list software, calendar reminder tools, blah blah blah. I even resorted to asking my sister to check in with me on IM several times throughout the day to see if I was sticking to task.

What did I learn from this experiment?

Keep it simple, stupid!

I finally reverted to three cheap, handy and invaluable items we all have in our arsenal. Pen and paper. And calendar. (Let’s just ignore how crazy my calendar is right now but I suspect many of you have something similar.) Of course I use an online database to keep track of important data, but I finally decided to throw all the time trackers out of the window. Time management is really about priorities and not goofing off. All of those fancy systems won’t help you if you’re a procrastinator.

How do you stay organized? I’d love to know what methods help keep you on track.

P.S. Do tools become obselete after you’ve learned what you need to know from them? Ie. I’ve had my fitbit for about 8 weeks now, so I have have a general idea of what physical activity it takes to hit my 10K steps per day. Did I just waste $100 on a fancy wristband?

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  1. I’m a post-it note junkie. Which works well until you have fifty of them stuck to every surface of your working space. At that point I either ignore them or they start to make me panic.
    I also lIke a nice pile method. The things on my keyboard must be done immediately. The things next to my keyboard should be done soon. The things at the end of my desk, well, who even knows what those papers are anymore.
    So, really I haven’t yet achieved a super organized way of managing my life or my work tasks/events/appointments. Until I do, if ever, I’ll make a post-y to remind me to get more organized.

  2. Post-its are my VIP’s: if I have one stuck to something, it’s totally urgent! I keep super-important papers and files in magazine file organizer, the problem is now I have to organize my organizers. 😉 Thanks for checking out my blog!

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