Accountability partners = momentum regained!

Where are you pointing your finger?

Where are you pointing your finger?

How do you hold yourself accountable?

That question is deliberately vague.

Since I started this original blog post in November of 2013, I think it’s pretty clear that I allowed lots of categories of life to get away from me: blogging, work, finances, fitness, motivation and achieving monthly goals.

The brilliant thing about wanting to hold yourself accountable is that it’s really easy to enforce if you find some partners. I have several fitness partners who motivate me online (mainly because I see photos of them getting in shape without me!) and for that I’m thankful.

But now I also have a group of coworkers – doing the same thing I do, day in and day out – who are going to be watching what I do and motivating me along the way.

Energy and momentum regained! Can’t wait to check in with an update about how we’re helping each other. Got any tips or tricks on how to communicate with your accountability partners?

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