How close are you to quitting your job?



A friend of mine recently quit her part-time “day job.” After 8 years, the network marketing company she’d been working with finally gave her the financial freedom she’d always been looking for. We met for lunch last week and she mentioned that some people were expressing shock at her (now) relaxed work schedule, which allows her time to grab lunch with friends, see family more often, and get a pedicure whenever she wants. Among other things, of course.

This article about the culture of quitting got me thinking about this very subject a few days ago.

Isn’t that what we’re all striving for in one way or another? Saying (or in some cases, shouting) “I QUIT” and moving onto something better? Working really hard for many, many years and then relaxing into a less-feverish work schedule or retiring early altogether? Did I mention that my friend is only 36? Why aren’t more of us doing something we enjoy?

Last summer I started working for a healthcare network marketing company. Lots of factors went into this decision to take myself out of the corporate rat race (if I was actually “in” it to begin with!) Having a child ironed out my priorities. I had already achieved some important sought-after goals made earlier in life and now I was just looking for a path to follow that would offer a secure, financial future for us while allowing me to spend time with my bebe while he was young. I wanted to work with a company that I believed in and could get behind. I have trouble with authority so I didn’t want to be ordered around. I wanted to telecommute. So, I pretty much landed my dream “job” except it’s not really a job – it’s a home business. Did I set out to own a franchise? Heck no. But when the opportunity arose, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

Being self-employed isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Most of us are raised to pursue a dream or passion, and without that we likely wouldn’t have the workforce of doctors, lawyers, artists and makers that we do today. But what about the rest of us? There are other options out there to generate an income without stepping foot in an office. You just have to think outside of the box.

That line of thinking might get you retiring at an earlier age. And who doesn’t need a more relaxed way of life? We could all use that!

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