Have you ever been scammed?

Beware of duck.

Beware of duck.

Have you ever donated money and felt almost immediate unease? This happened to me a few times in the past: most notably the smooth-talking college guy who came to my door years ago requesting money for magazines to help him take an educational trip. My check got promptly cashed, no magazines appeared and I had zero luck tracking him down although the local university reported several people in the same position.

These days I know better. I trust my instincts and if something feels fishy, chances are it probably is. Is this request for money coming from a legitimate organization? What do you get in return? How do you confirm the company is legitimate? Do you call their phone number, search online, look for reviews, ask around, do some research? How do you know what you’re seeing is the real deal (and not a slick version of my smooth-talking college scammer?)

Once in a while I’ll get a phone call or email from a person who thinks the company I work for is a scam. I ask myself, why do they think this? The company has been around for 22 years, is well-known in the healthcare field and has more than 50,000 employees (I could go on!) It echoes my experience working for Yelp a few years ago. Yelp is widely known these days since the company has been around 10 years, but many small businesses – especially those who were on the receiving end of negative user reviews – felt they were being scammed. Why? Many companies simply didn’t understand how the website worked and solicited reviews, paid reviewers or tried to game the system. Blerg. No wonder there were bad feelings!

How did you get scammed and what did you do? Inquiring minds want to know!

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