Are there hidden benefits to telecommuting? (Yes!)

Should I wear pants today?

Should I wear pants today?

This morning everyone accidentally slept in and I had to run some errands after dropping bebe at daycare, so my work day didn’t officially begin until about 10 a.m. As I was making scrambled eggs and brewing a cup of coffee, it suddenly occurred to me how grateful I am for such flexibility in my work life. How many employers are going to let you off the hook if you regularly waltz into the office at 10 a.m.? Not many that I know of!

After filing my taxes a few months ago, I realized just how much I can write off being a home business owner. (And you can too! Check out or for more details.) And I only work part time!

Here’s my list.

  1. I spend less on gas and clothing
  2. I eat healthier and have more opportunities to get outside and exercise
  3. I spend more time with my son than if I were commuting to an office job with strict 9-to-5 hours (plus, he’s only in daycare part time so I’m saving money, too.)
  4. I can work on something passive if I’m sick and I can work during non-traditional hours (like, 3 a.m. if I need to!)
  5. I’m paid for my results, not the passage of time so I’m more invested in my success and financial future
  6. I can take time off when I need to for family emergencies or appointments and not have to feel guilty
  7. Great tax benefits (I can write off a TON of work expenses; I learned I can even write off my monthly overhead!)
  8. I’m not stuck in “meetings” all the time

I do realize telecommuting is not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m used to being independent so this job really suits me, plus I’m not much of a delegator so I enjoy doing most things on my own. Of course, I do miss the old office get-togethers and holiday parties, but for me the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Do you think you could work PT or FT from home? Why or why not? For all you telecommuters, is there anything missing from my list? #dotell!

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