The problem = the solution


The files are in the computer?

The company I work for offers a tremendous amount of personal development training, so for the past year I’ve been dabbling: reading the oft-recommended Tony Robbins tomes (amongst many other authors), creating routines and striving for consistency. Once in a while I hear something that knocks my socks off, and I was fortunate enough to have two lightning bolts strike in the past week.

The topic was trusting your instincts and intuition, which has really been on my mind a lot lately anyway.

Do you have something that trips you up time and time again?

It’s usually a problem that comes from the gut and it just doesn’t go away. This issue is different for every single person. Again and again, this topic or problem or challenge or issue will rear its head and maybe it fades away for a time, but it always emerges again.

How do you solve it? How do you make this go away?

Would you be shocked to hear the problem is the solution. The opportunity is disguised as a headache and I suppose it really comes down to that trite saying “turn that frown upside down.” (Trust me, I kind of want to kick myself for saying that.) I sat down and made a list of those nagging issues that pop up for me time and time again. Specifically with work, there are many times I find it challenging to pick up the phone. Why? Why is this of-most-importance thing so difficult? My 17-month-old picks up anything resembling a phone (calculators, remote controls, anything shaped like a rectangle) and walks around having conversations with himself. How could this be so hard for me to do?

I realized all of my answers were excuses and if I looked at the situation from a different angle, there was my solution. Part of this exercise was also to write down 10 accomplishments, big or small, and look for patterns. Again, I discovered consistent patterns of behavior and it was a real eye-opener.

So the next time you have that recurring dream, issue or problem pop up, take a few minutes and look it in the eye. You might just be able to solve your own conundrum by looking at it from a new angle.

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