If it’s on the internet, it must be true…..right?



How do you verify what you read on the Internet? Or do you?

Yesterday a friend on my FB feed posted about Rue McLanahan (of Golden Girls fame) passing away. Two seconds before I pressed the send button on an “awww, she was my favorite!” comment, I thought….”Didn’t she pass away a few years ago?” True enough, she died in 2010. Why were people posting about it on FB as if it just happened?

All this to say, we should know by now to be skeptical about what we read on the Internet without verifiying the source. If you’re watching or reading content provided by a news outlet, chances are they are checking their sources just like any legitimate news outlet would. But… random hearsay? Rumors from a gossip site? A negative comment posted by a person who had a bad experience? (What about the people who had positive experiences?) Don’t we all know by now that people can game the system to attempt to bring down the reputation of legitimate businesses?

Take your internet news with a grain of salt and if you’re exploring a business opportunity or a new employer or buying a new car or something equally important, do your research! It’s so easy to take a few minutes and get to the source. And it’s usually worth your time.

When was the last time you took for fact something random you read online? Share, share!


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