Keep it simple!

Hello, instinct!

Hello, instincts!

Lately I’ve been thinking about second guessing. I’m prone to making educated impulse decisions (yes, I believe that’s a thing!) and for the most part, those big decisions have worked out for me. I often find when I second guess something (and third, and fourth, and fifth) that I’m trying to justify my behavior or make excuses in some way. We are so bombarded with information, resources and other people’s opinions that we often repress what we’re actually thinking. When did we start second-guessing ourselves so much?

All of that to say: trust your gut. Your first reaction is probably the right one.

People – and companies, corporations and businesses – will show you their true colors. Let them. Do your research, of course, but dig deep and ask the right questions. You’ll be rewarded!

Tell me a time that you second-guessed yourself but you were right the first time.

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