Lick the peanut butter!

Peanut. Peanut Butter.

Peanut. Peanut Butter.

I’m one of those people who likes to have the tv on in the background while I’m working, even though I’m (usually) not watching it. Just about every day on The Today Show there is a segment about getting in shape/shedding pounds/eating healthy/weight loss challenges, etc. Sometime this week there was a guest wellness expert counting up all the extra “cheat” calories you can put in your mouth — like licking the peanut butter off the knife when you’re making a PB&J instead of just putting it back in the jar — and adding them up exponentially to equal pounds over time. OMG, if you lick the peanut butter four days a week for a year that can add up to 2,000,000 pounds over the span of your lifetime! Yes, my eyeballs were rolling out of my head.


Here I am a few days later and I’m still feeling annoyed about that segment. You never know when your life is going to come to an end. Eat the ice cream off the lid! Lick the spoon! Put sugar in your coffee! Spread some real butter on your bread! Live a little! Why am I so annoyed?!

Because that segment was a reminder about how we need to be reminded about making wise decisions about the little things in life. All.The.Time. It’s The Slight Edge in action. I’ve read that book twice but I think it’s time to pick it up again. The main idea is that we are faced with constant daily life decisions, many of which aren’t critical. But should we thoughtlessly make a decision, one that might go against our goals, and we continue to reinforce that thoughtless or bad decision, over time it can lead up to some really bad habits.

You know, like licking the peanut butter off the knife.

I like to eat, so I will probably always lick the knife. But it’s a reminder: visualize your goals so you can stay on track, stick with the plan, and give yourself the room to make mistakes once in a while.

How do you stick to your goals?

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