Calling all job seekers: a solution for the frustrated and long-term unemployed

Are you unemployed? Have you been unemployed for months or years? Have your benefits subsided? Have you turned over every leaf and stone, contacted everyone you know? Are you feeling discouraged about the job market and getting back out there? I don’t blame you one bit. But I’d like to offer a solution that’s a bit outside of the box:

Have you considered working for yourself?


Looking for a few energetic peeps!

I was in a similar position last year after having my son. Even though I had plentiful experience and considered myself well-connected, opportunities seemed to simply disappear. That old adage “it’s all who you know” doesn’t necessarily stand true any longer. Being a single mom with a small child, I needed more than minimum wage. So I started researching telecommuting opportunities and stumbled across the healthcare company I now represent, AmeriPlan USA.

Now that I’ve been with them about a year, I feel comfortable shouting from the rooftops that this is a well-established company that offers a reputable way to earn a living from home. It’s not a get-rich-quick scenario: in my experience, if you’ve signed up for one of those, you likely have a long, disappointing journey ahead.

The beauty about telecommuting with us is anyone can do it. You don’t need to interview 7 times with different contacts within the company; you don’t have to go through a credit check; we don’t have to call an extensive list of references. You simply need to *want* to work for yourself, commit yourself to training and doing your best, and following the path you and your trainers establish. If you have been searching fruitlessly for that perfect telecommuting job with no results, I encourage you to learn more about working with AmeriPlan.

Want to know more or schedule an interview? Check out our career overview page and then request an interview. Or email me at It’s really that easy! What do you have to lose? Take a few minutes to learn about an opportunity that could change your life.

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