Attention Job Seekers: Be Professional!


Being professional counts!

Some of you may know that I began working from home for this awesome healthcare company called AmeriPlan last summer. I love it for a million reasons I won’t go into here! One of the many things I do is call prospective team members who also want to work from home and have requested interviews to learn more about what it’s like working for the company. After countless phone calls and interviews, I’d like to offer prospective job seekers a few tips.

  1. Answer the phone with enthusiasm. If you are tired, grumpy, angry, sad or any derivative of the above, let your messages go to voicemail and return the call later. Answering a phone call with tension, anger or fatigue is not the way to make a great first impression. I would say the same goes for the interviewers placing those calls as well! I never pick up the phone if I’m any mood other than enthusiastic. If I’m feeling off, I get happy before I approach my phone.
  2. Use a professional e-mail address on your resume. First name, last name and a number if those two are already taken.
  3. Be courteous. I’m actually very surprised by people who hang up on me when I call to conduct an interview or folks who send unprofessional e-mails. AmeriPlan is a professional company, I am a recruiter, and you have requested that I call you. In my personal life, if I receive a phone call that is unwanted, I simply reply that I’m not interested and to take me off their list. If I get an email I don’t remember signing up for, I unsubscribe. I would never dream about hanging up on someone when I’m conducting professional business. I’m curious why people think this is an acceptable practice. Also, I’m not a telemarketer. If I have your number, it’s because you asked me to phone you.
  4. Texting a prospective employer is not appropriate.

Employers out there: do you have anything to add? This advice is dispensed with love! Some of this is common sense but I think it’s good to be reminded that people are watching what you do. A little bit of professionalism goes a very long way and it’s a small world.

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