What’s your recipe for motivation?

you-can-do-anything-but-not-everythingHow do you stay motivated?

After keeping close tabs on my own motivation for the past month or so, I’ve come to a few realizations.

1) Motivation is directly tied to the company you keep. There’s a reason why accountability groups are so popular: when you share your goal (in writing, on the phone, with a skywriter, whatever you choose), you’re more likely to keep working toward that goal and stay on track. Want to stay motivated? Surround yourself with motivated people!

2) You are what you eat. Nobody makes good decisions when they’re hangry. I, for one, am easily defeated by plummeting blood sugar. I have to avoid coffee completely (it makes me stabby), ensure I have healthy snacks on hand and that I don’t let myself get too hungry. Otherwise all bets are off. P.S. Have you ever heard of Spark? It’s such an awesome substitute for coffee, I can’t believe I didn’t start drinking this years ago.

3) Quit quitting. Be consistent! Look at your goals every day. Every day. Even if you can only work toward your goals for an hour a day (or 15 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever) do it, and do it every day. Don’t let small upsets and obstacles steer you away from your goal. Keep going.

Ever heard of the 1% rule? You don’t have to move forward 100% every day. That’s crazy talk. But if you can improve just 1% over what you did yesterday, and do that consistently over time…well, you can see where I’m going.

And as the great Larry Winget says, do it today. Not tomorrow, today. Whatever it is, today is better than tomorrow. So do it now, whatever it is!

How do you keep your motivation up? Tell, tell!

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