Is telecommuting really as marvelous as everyone says it is? (Yes.)

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. “I looove working from home!” Really? Tell me more.

In many of my previous jobs, “teleworking” was secret code for: Wooohooo! Sleep in! Watch TV! Be lazy! Wear your pj’s all day! This work isn’t that important…I can finish it when I’m back in the office again.

But these days, my telecommuting work is my only source of income. There’s no time for goofing off, although lately I’ve been pretty successful in dodging chores. There are countless articles online about why working from home is wonderful, how to maximize efficiency, etc, etc, ad nauseum. But here is my .02.

First, you should really like – or better yet, love – what you are doing. If that crucial ingredient is missing, then you probably won’t ever be successful working from home! If you haven’t figured out your why, take a few minutes and do it now.

The pros to working from home:

  • No meetings to attend so you can set your own schedule.
  • No commuting.
  • No one breathing down your neck (unless you want them to).
  • If you own your own business, as I do, you get some awesome tax breaks.
  • Need to do a load of laundry while you’re writing a report? No biggie. Multitask. But really focus when you need to complete a project or you could spend 8 hours on one simple task.

The cons to working from home:

  • Isolation.
  • Goofing off = lost income.
  • Negative Nancies.

So what do I actually miss about working in an office?

1) Dressing up. This is a love/hate thing because trust me, I usually only wear comfy clothes. Ask anyone who has seen me wearing the same jeans and dark shirt since last summer!

2) Holiday parties. Is it wrong to miss these forced-fun-functions? If so, I don’t want to be right.

What do I not miss?

1) Traffic. I met a friend for dinner recently but first dropped my son with his dad, who happens to work in the Denver city/county building. Fifteen minutes in downtown traffic and I wished I were driving a bumper car so I could legally smash into other people. Also, I use a lot less gas working from home.

2) Tech support. Oh, tech support, how I miss you!

So what do you full-time telecommuters out there miss about office life? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. I’ve been telecommuting for 20 years, so its hard to say what I miss most. The isolation of working from home can be the worst part. I combat that by volunteer work at my church. I also have a wife and two teenagers at home, so I don’t really lack for contact with the outside world.

      • Sure do, which is why I finally started blogging this year after “thinking” about it for 2 years. (I guess I really don’t do anything spur of the moment). You can find my blog at Its focus is on working from home and the challenges and rewards. It is not a job board or advocate for any particular work from home job or industry.

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