What’s your oldest possession?

ALFDigging through a junk drawer today, I found a pink plastic hair clip from the 80’s that had me walking down memory lane. It got me thinking. In an age where everyone seems so focused on which shiny new thing to buy next, what’s the oldest thing that you own?

Before we start, let me tell you that visiting my parents could be an episode of Back to the Future. You know, if it were a tv show. (Super, now I bet someone is going to make that happen.) Anyway, I should play this game with my mom because she rarely (read: never) gets rid of things. Thrifty could be her middle name. A few months ago when I was visiting I found the following things, not necessarily in this order. Trust me when I say the following list is a small sample.

1) A McGruff “Take a Bite out of Crime” keychain I had in 5th grade. Anyone else remember this?

2) A shoebox of notes I wrote in elementary and middle school.

3) Those #@!*#$% terrifying Cabbage Patch dolls I had when I was 9 years old.

4) Shampoo samples of brands that no longer exist. (#notjoking)

5) Polyester warm-up pants from my 5th grade gymnastics team.

Before I went abroad in 2011, I donated most of my earthly possessions to my mailman (#true), neighbors and just about anyone who was willing to take my piles of stuff. So truthfully I don’t have a lot of old stuff lying about. That said, the oldest things I own are:

1) A shot glass from Germany that belonged to my maternal grandmother.

2) A surprisingly still-stylish fur coat from my paternal grandmother that she bought in the 1960’s. Note: this is not something I would ever purchase and I did wear it to a costume party once, where I was immediately chastised for killing innocent animals.

3) A ratty paperback collection of Lord of the Rings that belonged to my dad during his college years.

4) All my old journals, which I started keeping when I was around 12 or 13 years old.

So, what are your oldest possessions? This girl wants to know!

P.S. Alf has nothing to do with this post. I just like Alf. Photo from Listverse.

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  1. Every time I filled a journal, I’d shred it so that no one could read it. Yep–I was that hardcore about privacy! Rather than leave a long(er) comment, maybe I’ll do a post about the oldest stuff I own. Stay tuned…

  2. Well, I’m pretty sure I still have an Alf hand puppet and one of those little clippy toys, so now he’s totally relevant to this post! I also have the matching blue plastic hair clip. Plus, Mom sent me all of those #@!*#$% terrifying Cabbage Patch dolls.

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