Invention wish list

LotionHey, inventors! And people with more brainpower, time and resources than me. I need you to invent some things.

Nearly every day I am impressed with products I see in commercials. The Clorox Smart Tube: how did it take us so long to come up with this idea? How many decades have we been storing almost-empty spray bottles under the kitchen sink? And not that I eat Taco Bell (anymore), but that whole loco taco with Doritos flavoring = whaaaat? By the way, this is not an endorsement of any kind because I haven’t used/eaten either of those things. I just think both ideas are spectacularly creative in their simplicity.

On a more practical level, here’s my shortlist of things I wish people would invent. Maybe they are already out there (probably) and my miniscule attention span has prevented me from internetting them (most likely). Not all problems can be solved with a product, but some of them sure can.

I need:

  1. A way to for single people to put lotion on their backs. This would be genuinely useful. And I’m not talking “put a glob of lotion on your back and then act like you’re drying off with a towel.” No. I mean an actual device, short of a real person, that can put something on your back.
  2. Something to immobilize your child while you’re getting their boogers out. Bonus points if it’s engaging and not just a strait jacket. I have three different types of snot-suckers (#notjoking – my kid has a lot of snot) and he hates all of them. Since it will be a while before he learns how to blow his own nose — he’s only 9 months old, after all — I foresee a lot of wrestling matches in my future.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. I’m sure there will be more requests on the horizon.

What contraption would solve some of your problems? (Money doesn’t count.)

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  1. @Carrie – thank you! I will definitely have to get that back lotion-applier thingie. I’ve seen the boogie wipes at the store and *almost* bought them.

    And @Jason – next time it’s Loco Taco season, I will definitely try one.

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