Travel euphoria

220097816_b76c8d62ed_bI love to travel. Some of my happiest moments have been sitting in an airplane as it’s about to ascend or getting behind the wheel of a car for a long road trip. There is just something about traveling that gets me out of my rut and rediscovering possibilities.

This spring I’m finally going abroad again. Hayden will stay here with his dad while I’m away. Of course I will miss him like crazy while I’m gone and I’ll do my fair share of worrying, but I feel strongly that I want to travel and do something for myself. Before the mommy-die-hards start calling me a bad parent, my son is well taken care of. He has a wonderful daycare provider and my mom and sister will take over when his dad is busy or working. Bebe will be 1 year 3 months when I take my trip, so no longer a newborn. I plan to skype with him while I’m gone (via his father, of course!) and hopefully keep in touch via text or e-mail on details of his daily life. And I know that I may miss some firsts while I’m away, but I feel confident his father will enjoy those — and document them! — while I’m gone.

What is it about travel that makes me feel so energized?

Breaking routine. No matter how active you are, it’s easy to fall into patterns and ruts, and the planning and activity surrounding a trip can lure you out of the norm.

Potential energy. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about setting off to explore a new destination and meet new people. And when you come back, at least for a while, your life is changed. You see things a little bit differently for a time. Maybe it’s a residual effect of being in a different culture or place. It wears off of course, but it’s lovely to enjoy while it lasts.

Next weekend we are flying down to Florida for an early Thanksgiving and family reunion of sorts. My grandmother is in her late 80s and doesn’t like to fly anymore (can’t say I blame her!) so we are all going to her. Hayden and I will be flying with my sister, niece and brother-in-law and it’s my sincere hope that the babies will entertain each other while we fly! Luckily both kiddos have flown before so while I’m sure it’s still exciting to them, at least we have all conquered the flying firsts. I’m looking forward to family time, beach time, and breaking routine. (I do have to work while I’m away, but I can tell you it’s pretty pleasant to do that from my grandmother’s veranda.)

For all you travelers out there, when is your next trip, where and why are you going, and what do you like or dislike about the whole travel experience?

Image by Lars Plougmann.

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