Confessions & guilty pleasures

I am all for personal development. I’m on a journey to transform into a better person and improve my bad habits. I’m reading motivational books, listening to inspirational team calls throughout the week, exercising (gasp!) and doing daily checks to make sure I’m on course to reach my goals. This is all fine and dandy and I’m feeling pretty energized.

BUT! A person can’t be disciplined all the time can they? We still get to have some guilty pleasures, don’t we? Yes. Yes, we do. Within reason, I believe there’s all kinds of room for guilty pleasures.

So here are a few of my confessions.

  1. At the beginning of the month, I always visit to check my horoscope (or as my 10th grade social studies teacher used to say… “horrorscopes”). FYI: looks like everybody is in for a ride this month. Hold on.
  2. Drinking a Diet Coke makes me physically happy. Happy. What!
  3. I plan trips abroad on a weekly basis. Not that I’m actually going to take a trip abroad, but it’s strangely thrilling to plan an itinerary to random places around the world. To keep myself satisfied until I can take my next trip, I will happily cruise Google Earth.
  4. I’m obsessed with gossip websites.
  5. Sometimes I get groceries delivered.

What guilty pleasures get you through the day/week/month? (No raunchy ones, please!)

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  1. I always have an open bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips open…not for baking, just for eating! And sometimes I like to drive slow around cute neighborhoods and think about what it would be like to live there! I’m not a stalker, just a dreamer!

    • Chef Dan is an influence, I see! πŸ˜‰ Janelle, are you moved up to Estes yet? Where will you be living while you do your externship? I have visions of you living at the Stanley and getting friendly with the ghosts.

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