My daily irony

If anyone got an e-mail about my last post (the one with Oprah), I yanked it because I really need an editor. Those are the perils of getting over caffeinated, I guess. Productivity comes at a cost! Better than posting when you’re drunk, I suppose?

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about irony because some stupid things happened to me this morning, two involving my dentist. I have discovered I dislike when people say:

1. “As a friendly reminder…” Normally whatever follows that statement is not friendly, so why not just leave a note that says “Do this thing, not this thing!”

2. “No pressure.” Oh, really? By you saying there’s no pressure to make a decision or commit to something, that’s going to relieve the pressure? If you ever hear me say this, you have my permission to smack me.

3. “This won’t hurt.” Don’t lie to me dentist.

So, what little ironies happened to you today? What little things drive you nuts?

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