Gossip (Girl)


I love Hollywood gossip. It’s a guilty pleasure. Kim, Kanye and the paps? Yes. Miley’s and Madonna’s grills? You betcha. The new music video by Richard Simmons? Not strictly gossip, but heck, yes!

I’m thinking perhaps this is genetic because my 86-year-old grandmother has been religiously reading the Enquirer since I was a baby. (She’s very proud that she had a complaint letter about Paris Hilton published a few years ago.) I try to balance this with a healthy dose of watching the a.m./p.m. local and national news and reading the NYT. Does reading news tweets count as following the news?

There are a lot of really depressing things happening in the world. It’s easy to get wrapped up in (or perhaps desensitized to) world events. But sometimes I have to think about something a little less serious. I care about the issues, but I also need to laugh.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t list my favorite gossip blogs.

1. Dlisted. (Michael K makes me laugh on a daily basis.)
2. LaineyGossip
3. TMZ (I know, I know.)
4. Evilbeet
5. Celebitchy

Love gossip or can’t stand it?

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